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Combi Shears

Combi Shears Manufacturer: Darda

The HCS 6 Combi-Shears develop a high cutting and/or breaking power when closing. They develop the same high power when opening, i.e. breaking or splitting apart. The shears are equipped with updated shear and jaw sets and are especially designed for inside demolition jobs. Light compact and easy to use, powerful, fast and efficient, exceptionally quiet, with no dust or vibration, permitting their use even inside occupied buildings. During development, considerable emphasis was placed on the tool's durability. The tool is also suitable for a variety of other applications. 

  • Accurately breaks concrete and masonry
  • Separates a wide range of materials
  • Cuts metal, cables, wood, metal sections, iron rods, etc.
  • Capable of many demolition jobs inside buildings
  • Performs virtually free of vibration
  • Nearly dust and noise free
  • Light and easy to handle
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  • Features

The Combi Shears system consist of: 

  • One main body
  • 4 exchangeable tools: Shear type HCS 6 C, Sickle blade type HCS 6 , Brick jaw type HCS 6 B, 
    Concrete jaw type HCS 6 J
  • High and low pressure hose set
  • Portable hydraulic power unit

  • Available with pneumatic, diesel, electric and petrol power pack.
  • Dust free
  • Quiet performance
  • Can be used for applications with difficult access
  • Vibration free
  • Easy handling
  • Easy transportation



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